Celebrating International Women's Day: My Mother, Dr. Nenita F. Buan

Peachie Thompson ยท March 8, 2024

On this International Women's Day, I am filled with gratitude as I reflect on the extraordinary influence of one incredible woman in my life - my mother, Dr. Nenita F. Buan. An accomplished multi-degreed Filipina, her story of resilience, dedication, and sacrifice has not only shaped my journey but has also been a source of inspiration for countless others, including her students and my sisters, who have followed in her footsteps of success.

My mother's professional journey as a psychologist, university dean, and community leader is a testament to the power of perseverance and hard work. She demonstrated that it's possible to break barriers and achieve greatness, all while raising four children. Her unwavering dedication taught us the value of education, the importance of family, and that with enough determination, there are no limits to what we can accomplish.

Beyond our home, my mother has been a mentor and inspiration to her students and colleagues. Through her teaching and leadership, she has ignited a passion for learning and personal growth in those around her. Her ability to empower and uplift others has left a lasting impact, inspiring a new generation of leaders and thinkers.

My sisters and I have been profoundly influenced by our mother's example. Each of us has pursued our own paths to success, driven by the lessons of resilience, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence she instilled in us. Her legacy lives on through us and the lives she has touched, a reminder of the indelible mark one woman can leave on the world.

This International Women's Day, as I honor my mother's achievements, I also celebrate her role in inspiring not just me but also my sisters and her students to reach for our dreams without hesitation. Her life is a powerful testament to the impact of strong female role models in shaping the futures of those they touch.

As a successful business owner and first-generation immigrant in the USA, I attribute much of my success to the values my mother taught me. Her journey underscores the importance of hard work, the strength found in facing challenges, and the belief that our backgrounds do not define our futures.

Today, we celebrate the incredible achievements of women everywhere, and I am especially thankful for my mother, Dr. Nenita F. Buan. Her sacrifices, achievements, and legacy continue to inspire us to dream bigger, reach higher, and break through barriers. She has shown us that with hard work, dedication, and the support of the strong women who came before us, there is nothing we cannot achieve.

Happy International Women's Day to all the remarkable women making a difference every day. Let's continue to inspire, support, and celebrate each other, forging a brighter, more inclusive future for everyone. Together, we are unstoppable.

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