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How to Slash Your Life Insurance Premiums

Peachie Thompson · December 28, 2023

In over a quarter-century in the insurance game, I may have seen it all! Many people treat buying life insurance like a trip to multiple car dealerships, expecting to haggle and find the best deal. But here's a secret: that's not how it works, and this misconception could be costing you big time. Let me pull back the curtain on life insurance pricing and underwriting, and show you how to outsmart the system for better rates.

The Hidden Truth About Life Insurance Pricing

Life insurance isn't like shopping for a car. You won't find different prices for the same policy by hopping from one agent to another. For example, a specific term policy from Insurance Company A will have the same price tag, regardless of who sells it to you (online or in person). I'm here to save you from the pointless exercise of shopping around for the same product. Read more below...

Cracking the Underwriting Code for Cheaper Rates

The real deal in snagging affordable life insurance isn't about playing the field with agents; it's all about mastering the underwriting game. This is where insurance companies size you up based on your health, lifestyle, age, and a few more personal details. The category you land in here is what really dictates your premium.

Leverage Your Health and Lifestyle

Here’s a tip: the healthier and younger you are, the less you pay. But it’s not just about being a spring chicken or a gym junkie. Your entire lifestyle, employment, family history, those unique health quirks or that medical marijuana you do, are part of the equation. Each insurer has their own playbook for underwriting. Some might give you a break on heart issues, while others are more forgiving if you've had a run-in with cancer or use medicinal marijuana.

The Right Agent: Your Ace in the Hole

Think of choosing an agent as picking your teammate in a high-stakes game. You need an agent who knows how to play the underwriting game professionally! You should know that career agents are bound to one company's products first, but independent brokers (like yours truly) can shop around without restrictions. We're your personal shopper for insurance, finding the perfect fit for your unique health and lifestyle.

A Small Sample of My Track Record: Turning No(s) into Yes(sss)

  1. Heart Conditions: I've turned around cases for clients who were heartbroken (pun intended) by rejections. Knowing which insurers have a soft spot for heart conditions, I've snagged reasonable premiums where others have failed.
  2. Ex-Football Heroes: Think a history of football injuries puts you out of the game? Not on my watch. I once got a winning deal for an ex-football player who'd been benched by other carriers.
  3. Diabetes Champions: For those managing diabetes, I've used my insider knowledge to secure offers that leave previous quotes in the dust.
  4. Adrenaline Junkies: Love a bit of danger in your life? I've negotiated with insurers who get a thrill from insuring high-risk hobbies and jobs, landing affordable premiums for thrill-seekers.

Conclusion: The Game-Changer in Life Insurance

You see: it's not about the policy or its sticker price, which is the same no matter who you go to. It's about the agent's skill in matching you with the best carrier. Here's the bottom line: choose a savvy independent agent (like me). Spamming multiple agents at once? Big no-no. It backfires more than it helps.

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