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Just Peachie Ep#29: Pinay Power: Interview with a lawyer with Jonah Toleno, JD

Peachie Thompson ยท March 27, 2023

Just Peachie Show is a show where Peach Insurance Services, LLC's Founder and CEO, Peachie Thompson, AALU, ALMI, ACS sits down with experts in the financial and insurance world to educate consumers in matters of finance, insurance and taxes (FIT). There is also a lifestyle edition where Peachie interviews experts on health, food and culture.

In this episode, Peachie Thompson, AALU, ALMI, ACS of Peach Insurance Services interviews an award winning Filipina lawyer, Atty. Jonah Toleno of Garcia Hong Law and Shustak Reynolds & Partners. They talk about litigation in business, securities and financial services industry as well as what a successful "Pinay" lawyer does, tips on how to avoid litigation and a story of an Aushwitz survivor.

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Some of the items discussed:

  • Litigation in securities and financial services industry
  • Businesses counseling including outside of the financial services industry.
  • Do you have a non-compete?
  • Is arbitration cheaper than going to full court trial?
  • Story of Grandma Rose, an elderly, Holocaust survivor
  • Tips to avoid litigation at work and personal.
  • Filipino American lawyers of San Diego
  • National Association of Filipino Lawyers
  • Alternative dispute resolution

About our guest speaker, Attorney Jonah Toleno:

Jonah Toleno is Of Counsel with Garcia Hong Law. She has been licensed for over 20 years. Her practice with Garcia Hong Law focuses on business and corporate law. She brings a broad range of trial and arbitration experience to the firm, having litigated, arbitrated, and mediated hundreds of complex business, securities, financial services, and trade secret matters prior to joining. She uses her expansive litigation experience to provide outside General Counsel services to various local, national, and international businesses, corporate entities, and individuals, helping navigate legal issues.

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"Information shared during the show are opinions of the speakers and not advise for your specific situation. Consult your own specialist, attorney, CPA, financial planner or insurance advisor on all matters discussed in the Just Peachie Show".

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