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Peach Insurance Services Launched

Peachie Thompson · January 1, 2021

A global pandemic, changing regulations and volatile financial landscape intensifies the need for an independent insurance services firm dedicated to putting the consumer’s best interest first.

As a response, insurance industry leader and veteran executive Peachie G. Thompson, launched Peach Insurance Services, LLC in 2020. It has been well received by consumers and advisors alike. Thompson’s career spans over 24 years, running insurance agencies and engineering insurance solutions for financial and insurance advisors as well as consumers. A first-generation immigrant, she started out as a field underwriter, climbed up the corporate ranks and held notable leadership positions serving as director of underwriting, case design, policy service and ultimately as chief operating officer for domestic and global companies such as MassMutual, The Guardian Life, The Newport Group and high-end insurance brokerages. Thompson also promotes ethical conduct of advisors and advocates for positive legislative/regulatory environment by serving as NAIFA-Northeast Florida’s president-elect.

Fueled by financial advisors and clients asking her for help as well as the desire to satisfy the need of building a wholly independent insurance services firm recognized for putting the client’s best interest first, technical astuteness and adhering to the highest standards, Thompson built Peach Insurance Services, LLC to serve fee-only financial advisors and clients nationwide.

When asked what her answer is to the need for a firm centered around consumer’s best interest, Thompson states: “The firm must be totally independent but with solid footing and not beholden to one insurance company or investors with conflicting goals. It must have at its core technology as well as processes that put high fiduciary standards into practice from beginning all the way to the end. At the helm, is an experienced leader who understands the insurance industry from all its angles and within its layers. The team must be knowledgeable, able to provide unparalleled service and can quickly identify (as well as veer away from) inadequate field underwriting or poor policy design. Therefore, I built Peach Insurance Services to be all this and more for fee-only financial advisors as well as consumers alike.”

About Peach Insurance Services, LLC Peach Insurance Services, LLC is an independent insurance solutions provider with expertise in matching the right life, disability and long term care insurance as well as annuity solutions with client needs and fee-only advisor recommendations. Office: 425 Town Plaza Avenue, Suite 1 Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32081 ● Phone: (904) 539-9779 ● Fax: (904) 506-7147 ●

Industry Veteran Peachie Thompson Launched Insurance Services Firm Focused on Consumer Best Interest for Fee-only Advisors and Clients

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