Long Term Care

Prudent Planning for Aging & Chronic illness

Peachie Thompson · November 13, 2023

Understanding the Need for Long-Term Care Planning

As we age, our health inevitably changes, often in unpredictable ways. Planning for potential health changes is not just prudent; it's essential, especially when considering the financial implications of retirement. A significant challenge that many overlook is the risk of chronic illnesses and their associated costs. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services highlights a concerning trend: an increasing number of older adults will require age-related care, yet many underestimate their risk and the financial burden it can bring.

The Growing Concern of Chronic Illnesses

Chronic illnesses are long-term health conditions that typically last a year or more, often requiring ongoing medical and non-medical assistance. These conditions include diabetes, chronic kidney disease, cancer, stroke, lung disease, Alzheimer's disease, and heart disease. Not only are these illnesses generally incurable, but they also demand continuous management, significantly impacting one's quality of life and financial resources.

Statistics That Speak Volumes

Today, six in ten American adults live with a chronic disease, and four in ten have two or more such conditions. Aging is a significant trigger for chronic diseases, with Alzheimer's disease being a prime example. Approximately one in three individuals aged 85 and above may be living with Alzheimer’s. These statistics underscore the critical need for robust planning to manage the potential costs and care requirements.

Aging, Chronic Illness, and the Risk Factor

While some chronic diseases are linked to lifestyle choices, others are a result of genetics and the natural aging process. It's crucial to understand that aging itself is a major risk factor for many of these conditions. This reality makes planning for long-term care an integral part of retirement planning.

The Need for Care and Daily Living Activities

Chronic illnesses can progress over time, limiting one's ability to perform daily living activities independently, such as bathing, eating, dressing, toileting, continence, and mobility. The need for caregiving support, often not covered under standard medical care, highlights the importance of planning for long-term care.

Why Long-Term Care Insurance is Essential

Long-term care insurance is designed to cover the costs associated with the care needed for chronic illnesses or age-related conditions. It provides financial support for services that may not be covered by traditional health insurance, including assistance with daily living activities. Investing in long-term care insurance ensures that you are prepared for the unforeseen, safeguarding your financial stability and providing peace of mind.

Conclusion: Preparing for the Inevitable

The reality of aging and the potential for chronic illness make long-term care insurance not just a wise choice, but a necessary one. By planning ahead, you can protect your savings, maintain your independence for as long as possible, and ensure that your retirement years are as comfortable and stress-free as they should be. Don't underestimate the importance of preparing for changes in health; invest in long-term care insurance today, your 80 something year old self will thank you!

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